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Your best friend will enjoy bathing with the highest quality shampoo, fluff drying, a 'paw-d-cure', ears cleaned (and plucked if indicated by breed) and haircut designed to suit his lifestyle and personality. We take the time to get to know our 'clients'. An appointment averages 2 1/2 hours. Small dogs start at $40, prices increase with size and condition of the pet.

Terrier Stripping

Stripping is imperative to keeping a rich colored hard terrier coat. Experienced breeders believe proper terrier stripping keeps skin conditions at bay. After stripping, your pet receives a soothing shampoo using Relief (a wonderful specialty shampoo), paw-d-cure, ears plucked and cleaned, fluff dry and final styling. Short-legged terriers start at $65. Prices increase with size and condition of coat. Stripping appointments average 4 hours. Perle

Teeth Brushing

We use a wonderful mint flavored enzymatic toothpaste designed for pets. Reducing plaque build up freshens breath and is important for overall health. This service can be added to your grooming for $5.


You can come in for nails only. Generally, walk-ins are accepted, but because of appointment dead lines may not always be possible. Drop in if you are in the neighborhood / call ahead if you need a sure thing. $10 alone, included in grooming services. We are happy to try difficult to do nails, for our safety we may refer you to a vet.

Flea Shampoo

Even the most well cared for pets get fleas from time-to-time. Please alert us when making your appointment so precautions can be taken. We use Adams flea shampoo, recommended for dogs and cats over three months of age. This will kill the fleas on your pet and has no residual effect. We recommend treating your pet's environment at the same time. There are many wonderful safe and effective treatments available to eliminate flea infestation. Check with your doctor. Adams flea treatment can be added to grooming for an additional $5-$12. This is not a 'stand alone' service.

Please check back as we add new services. Feel free to call 360-341-Bark and let us know if your pet has a special need we have not addressed.

If you would like to request services for your pet in advance (minimum 3 days in advance), we've provided the below form for your convenience.
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