Q: How can I tell if my dog likes his groomer?

It depends on the dog. Some dogs are very tender skinned and are never going to like being brushed or groomed. So theyíll never seem happy with a groomer.

But some dogs donít mind being groomed. If the dog drags you up the ramp and into the door, heís happy. For many of these dogs, itís a social time.

Q: What should I look for when I first enter a grooming shop?

 Is it clean? Does it smell fresh? Is it calm and friendly?

The shop should just generally look neat, clean, and professional. It should be a place where youíre comfortable leaving your pet. Your dogs behavior can be a good indicator of the facility and staff.

Q: Most groomers donít want the owner to stay and watch. Why is that?

 If momma is here the dog is going to be more excited . Theyíre squirming around more, trying to get to their owner. This is the best time for your pet and the groomer to get acquainted and create an personal relationship.







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